Your business is fast-changing. Get ready!

You are at a tipping point:

  • Technology disruption
  • International challenge
  • Burning issue
  • New market entrants
  • Hard to predict threats

We make it happen. Together!

  • We bring you quick and  down-to-earth solutions based on proven senior executive experience
  • We help your teams implement changes to reap tangible benefits

How do we make it happen?


We design with you a roadmap matching the constraints of an everyday  changing business world.


We go beyond sheer project management to ensure that everybody in your team works toward a common goal: from motivation, organization, communications, up to IT systems...


We are convinced that success depends upon a perfect execution. That's why we monitor it obsessively.

Why are we different?


We are a team of 9 partners, coming from consulting firms or having held senior executive positions in industry or finance.

Our Focus

We specialize in small or midsize firms experiencing a disruption in their operations or business models.

Our Methods

No junior staff, (almost) no PowerPoint: we have done what we recommend. Hands-on experience to help your team succeed.